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The Impact of Social Media Marketing on SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important in determining how your website ranks on search engine results. The higher the ranking is, the more the traffic the website gets which means more conversions and revenue. Here are some thoughts by an seo manchester and marketing expert that will help clarify things.

According to the Google search ranking algorithms, there is no direct way to connect followers and likes on your social media page with the website and hence this does not determine how high or low Google ranks you. Does this mean that Social Media Marketing is not useful to SEO? Far from it! Though the impact may not be direct, the indirect one is worth considering and will benefit you in many ways.

Jane Soloman runs the social media for this waterfall taps retailer and these brick pavers and notes “Through Social Media people share information about your website and attaching links creates what is known as in bound links. When clicked such links bring people to your website. Since Google and other search engines do consider backlinks in ranking, the end result is that social media will have an influence in how high or low you are ranked. Have a strategy that encourages your followers to share links of things they like on your website and you will see your SEO improve.”

Larry Nelson runs the social media for Elderwerks and also MT Mechelec and says “Along with websites, social media profiles also rank on search engine results. This means that if your social media page is optimized for the products and/or services you offer, it will rank highly even if your website will not. This helps increase traffic to the social media page and eventually to your website which is beneficial to your business.”

Peter Brand runs the SEO for these bristol surveyors and these turf suppliers and says “There are so many people on Social Media and connecting with them will be very useful to the development of your brand. Share information about yourself and build a good reputation for yourself. Before you know it you will be in everyone’s mouth and this means more people will start visiting your website giving you better website and before you know it your SEO will have improved.”